The success in transfer of bovine embryos


The sexing of embryos




  A team of four veterinary surgeons specialised in embryo transfer :

  • Advice in reproduction, feeding and sanitary supervision.

  • Our challenge is to assist you in producing embryos with deficient donors as well.



  Offering embryos of all races that satisfy your needs :

  • A catalogue of embryos vary from bull mothers to award-winning cows.

  • Our specificities :

    • Holstein embryos with Canadian pedigree

    • Embryos a la carte : choose your donor and your bull



  Embryo sexing :

  • Flushing and selecting female embryos on the farm and transferring in one day.

  • Our trumps :

    • Using some of the best bulls usually unavailable in the market.

    • A guaranteed rate of gestation.

    • Possible freezing of female embryos

  • The embryo flush is also possible with sexed semen.



  Insemination training :

  • Our trumps : 2 options subject to your priorities

    • On site, focused on the action of insemination.

    • At the slaughterhouse, completed by a reproduction and feeding training







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